• Do you offer domain services? If so how much does it cost?

    No, but we recommend enom.com they’re really nice people. Buy a domain and redirect it, hey presto you have a full working website on a super cool domain… easy!

  • What kind of customer support is available to users of bleepme?

    We have a ticket system where our creative geniuses will respond asap to your enquiries. Bleepme is so simple and intuitive we think you will be just fine.. However we also have a LiveChat so if your stuck then chat with us!

  • Do I own my content on bleepme?

    Yes, you own your own content.

  • What devices will bleepme support?

    bleepme platform supports every internet enabled deivce. Our App will be iOS and Android.

  • Does this mean profiles created on bleepme are responsive?

    Of course! They look and work awesome everywhere.

  • Can we make anything on bleepme?

    Bleepme is open to all as long as the content is legal in jurisdictions where we operate, non offensive etc.

  • Can you combine different players into a single profile?

    You can mix, match and embed feeds form Twitter and Instagram with players from Vimeo, Youtube etc. All the major platforms are built into bleepme, so just copy, paste in that url or embed code, hey presto.. its live!

  • How do I manage SEO on bleepme?

    bleepme will automatically take the most important content to fill out the page title, H1,H2,H3 tags and body text. All done instantly 🙂

  • Are you looking for investors?

    We are currently supported by a wonderful group of Angel investors. If you’re interested in investing, please contact us at investors@bleep.me

  • What types of applications can bleepme serve?

    Pretty much all major platofrms like Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, TED, Soundlcoud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, Vine, Drrrible, Deviantart can all be embedded into your profile.

  • Is bleepme customizable?

    You can edit and change everything from backgrounds to fonts, images profiles, media, social links and contacts. Everything and anything can be changed rapidly and easily.

  • Are you opening up the platform for developers to design?

    Yes, we will expose our API in the near future. We’re creating a platform so you can make your personal space rapidly.

  • Where did you get all of those backgrounds?

    We believe awesome imagery for backgrounds is the heart of bleepme. Your life is in widescreen HD not low res squares. So we have sourced some artists, photographers, designers and commissioned them to give us incredible inspirational and cool imagery for all our users to see and try. Art and imagery is everything to bleepme.

  • Does bleepme have an API?

    Yes, details coming soon. If you want to build something awesome get in touch. api@bleep.me

  • Will bleepme work for an eCommerce site?

    If you have platform and can embed a product or store with embed code then yes! If it doesn’t work drop us an email to: support@bleep.me and we will see if we can add it to our safe code list.

  • Do you need to learn code to use bleepme?

    Code, what code? Absolutely not, bleepme is about simplistic things, just copy and paste and we do the rest.

  • Will I be able to update my profile by myself?

    Yep, just log in on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop and you have full access its super intuitive and easy. For account problems, or any requests for support, please email us at support@bleep.me

  • Are you hiring?

    We’re always on the hunt for talented and passionate individuals. Please forward enquiries to careers@bleep.me

  • Where are you based?

    We are a London based UK registered company but our main team are globally based; they live and work in Ibiza, Berlin, New York and London. We are created in Ibiza, built in Berlin and operates out of London.